Orifice restriction plates

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EPS - Restriction Orifice Plates and Multi Plate Restriction Spools

A restrictive orifice is used to create a calculated pressure drop within a gas , vapour or liquid flow. They are designed as either single plate elements for use with RF or RTJ flanges or as multi plate spools.

In cases where a single plate does not create an adequate pressure drop, a multi plate spool is designed. The ‘EPS Multi Plate Restriction Spool’ takes the pressure through a series of staged drops until finally the resultant output pressure matches the client requirements. Several stages of pressure drop can equate to long spools, so multi-holed plates are employed to enable the shortest spools possible.

As each application is unique, the product is designed around the process data and so each solution is bespoke. The use of exotic materials is common place to ensure a long product life. The plate thickness depends entirely upon the line size and Δp (differential pressure) and is calculated so as to prevent it from buckling under operating conditions.

•Plates available to suit ½” pipeline to 48” in a range of thicknesses to suit the pressure drop.
•Manufactured in a wide range of materials
•General compliance with ISO 5167

Each restriction plate has a three calculations completed to enable accurate performance.

•Orifice sizing
•Thickness and deflection
•Noise prediction
Features & benefits

•Simplest and cheapest form of DPM measurement.
•Special Trim available
•Pressure rating 150# - 10,000 PSI
•Field Repairable
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