At the heart of many of our products is the orifice plate This product range includes our revolutionary eps plate 1 and eps plate 2 designed for total ease of installation and inspection.

The eps plate 1 can be interchangeable with other flow meter brand and even tough guarantee the quality and measurement requirements as per ISO/AGA standards.

The eps plate 2 also can be interchangeable and meeting ISO/AGA requirements but the plate comes with a bonded rubber seal guarantying the quality of measurements and sealing the plate.

Our philosophy is to create perfection and simplicity and this has certainly been achieved with the eps plate 1 and eps plate 2 accompanying meter 1 meter 2 orifice metering products.
Features & Benefits

•Quick and easy plate replacement with no down time.
•Ensures correct orifice plate installation and prevents 15% additional uncertainty
•Field repairable.
•Special trim available
•Pressure ratings 150# to 10,000 PSI.
•Available sizes 2 to 48 inch

•A vast range of materials from stainless to exotic materials for demanding services such as Duplex and Inconel.
•UKAS calibration
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